Apparel Development

When building a brand, we must not forget about the type of apparel our employees will be wearing. Whether it is a dress code, or a uniform – apparel is important to building the brand of the company. If you are in the business of banking, then we must instill confidence in our customers that we know what we are doing and talking about. This comes by dressing professional (Men: suite and tie – Women: business suit). This commands respect for that type of company. If you are a service company, then we need to think about what type of service we are providing and where we are providing it. When providing a service where you must enter the customers home, we must build a trust with the client in very little time. This can be accomplished through simple visual appearance. For an air conditioning company, we should where button up shirts with a name badge and the company logo embroidered on the shirt. We should wear work pants (Dockers – or Dickies). a neutral color (khaki, grey, navy, or black). Denim jeans is a no no (this does not show a level of caring, and may come off too relaxed or too casual). Also we should keep hats to a minimum. A hat is seen as covering up or hiding something. Sensible but clean shoes should be worn. We should also think about wearing an official company name badge with all the pertinent information about the company and the employee. When a service call is made, we should email a photo of the technician that is to arrive that coincides with the name badge. When these tips are followed, the customer feels at ease and has extreme trust  and confidence in the air conditions service company.