Prism Inspectors

Prism Home Insection Services WebsitePrism Home Inspection Services came to Pandemic Brand looking to create a brand. They wanted us to name their company, create an identity, and build an online presence that had a consistent look and professional feel. They knew that within their industry, they had to stand out.

Our mission at Pandemic Brand was to research the home inspection industry. And not only the industry, but the market, the company’s geographic location, and the demographic within the region. We needed to know who would be looking for a home inspection company, and what they would be expecting to see. We also needed to know what type of questions they would have. In short, we at Pandemic Brand had to become authorities on the industry of home inspection services. This is something that we do with all of our clients no matter the industry.

Once we had done our homework, we wanted to analyze the competition as well as know what the customers were used to seeing . Once we knew this, we could strategize and come up with a game plan on the name and visage of Prism and how we could exploit the market.

Our first undertaking was to create a name for the company that would tell the customer that this home inspection services company was an all inclusive company that ran the full spectrum of home inspection services. It was when we came across the word “spectrum” that we started to brainstorm. We had realized that the word spectrum was an adjective to describe all of the types and colors included in light. We knew that the only way to divide light was to use a prism. It was then that we knew we had the name of this home inspection company. Its slogan would come to be “Your Full Spectrum of Your Home Inspection”

Now that we had a name, we needed a face. We turned our efforts into creating a logo that visually defined what it was that this company does. We knew that we needed to include a house along with a spectrum of light. This identity in essence created itself.

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