Every company has an identity. It is what we use to set ourselves apart from our competition. We all should care about how we present ourselves in our daily lives. As people, we make sure that we are clean and are dressed properly for the situations we are to encounter throughout the day. This is just a presentation of who you really are, not who you are¬†entirely.¬†An identity is at the forefront of our company’s brand. Telling our demographic what our company is and what we do at a glance.

An identity can also do other things. It can become a household name or an industry standard. Think of Kleenex or Band-aid. Whenever we are in need of tissue we ask for a Kleenex. Or when we need a bandage, we ask for a Band-aid. Identities can also inspire us. We can think of a logo as a flag for a country. When it is lifted up and held to a high standard, it can inspire the employees and employers who work under its banner. Logos give us a sense of pride. When we are going though are daily lives and we happen to see the identity that employs us, we often times smile and tell the person we are with “I work for that company.”

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