We are your brand advocate

Pandemic Brand is your full service brand advocate. We are not just an online service that compliments your business. Much more than that, we are the brand advocate that makes sure your logo is being properly used in every instance. We are the type of brand advocate that stands for your color palette, makes sure your phone is answered in a manner as to not tarnish your brand. We will consult with you and design for you fleet vehicles that are brand appropriate. To us, a brand advocate is more than just a friend of your business that talks favorably towards your product or services. A brand advocate is an entity that protects your brand’s integrity and will stand up for the consistency of the brand through all of the different marketing techniques and strategies that your company implements.

Your brand is a very integral part of your company. If you are not as involved to creating your brand as you should be, than you are leaving this part of your company to a little more than just chance. We all have a brand whether you like it or not. It is the sum of all the experiences that your potential customers and clients collect. It starts from the time you answer the phone, they visit your site, or you hand them your business card.

A brand should look consistent company wide, Your business card should have the attributes of your website which should also look like your fleet vehicles which should also look like your uniforms. Your brand is the DNA of how your company should look. If it is not consistent across the board, than you are in need of a brand advocate.